New Parent Consult/Newborn Care

One of the most daunting things about becoming new parent is finding a pediatrician for their newborn. The pediatricians at Columbia Pediatrics understand that this process as well as learning to parent a newborn can be stressful. Our experienced doctors will be there to help new parents provide the best care for their infants, starting with the initial exam at the hospital and then with regular checkups, advice and support.

New Parent Consult/Newborn Care Q & A

What is a new parent consultation?

A new parent consult is a session for parents–to-be to meet with one of our pediatricians. It is an opportunity to for new mothers and fathers to ask questions and learn a little about our practice. This could include information about breastfeeding or techniques to soothe the baby and to help it sleep. Most importantly, it is an opportunity for new mothers and fathers to ask questions about how to handle an infant and their new responsibilities as parents. The new parents will learn a little about what to expect after they have their child and what will happen at their first visit.

We would love the opportunity to introduce you to our practice personally!  Please call to set up a late-afternoon appointment with one of our doctors – this can be arranged in person or via an audio and/or video call.  

What is the newborn visit?

The new baby will be examined in the hospital after they are born. The follow-up visit is usually one to two days after leaving the hospital. The pediatrician at the hospital will inform you when this follow-up visit should take place. The next visit is usually at 2 weeks of age. These visits are to ensure the infant is healthy and growing as expected. Each visit will also be an opportunity for new parents to check in with their doctor to make sure they are coping with the new responsibilities.

What are some common topics for the newborn visit?

Some topics that may be covered include feeding, normal patterns for bowel movements, sleep, and bathing techniques. Many parents have questions about caring for the umbilical cord and circumcisions or foreskins. The visit will have a certain amount of set topics but will also be led by questions asked by the parents. Breastfeeding is a common topic discussed at the visit. In addition to the advice and information that our pediatricians can provide, our lactation consultant is available through the Breastfeeding Clinics. See our section on breastfeeding for additional information.

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