Developmental Screening

As children grow up, the pediatricians at Columbia Pediatrics in Long Beach, CA can provide developmental screening services to ensure the emotional, mental and social health of the child. Regular screening can help children and their families achieve better health and wellness outcomes.

Developmental Screening Q & A

Screening is a simple procedure used to identify children who may be at risk for developmental or social-emotional issues. The screening is usually a questionnaire for the parents or an observational session to learn more about the child’s development. The screening is standardized and is not a diagnostic tool. Its purpose is to identify if further evaluation and support may be necessary at an early age, so the child and parents can access the services and programs available as well as promote understanding about the child’s wellbeing.

What does developmental screening look for?

These procedures aim to check the child’s cognitive skills, his or her fine and gross motor skills, speech and language development, and social-emotional development. It helps to tell if a child is learning basic skills within appropriate timeframes. These screenings should be carried out regularly, at Well-baby and Well-child exams.

Why is developmental screening important?

In the United States approximately 13% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 have some behavioral or developmental disability, ranging from autism to intellectual disabilities to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Many children are not diagnosed early and end up waiting for the help they need to thrive in social and educational settings. Early intervention treatment has been shown to improve a child’s development. Services can help a child to talk, walk and interact with others.

What signs should a parent look for?

There are some developmental milestones children are expected to reach by certain ages. For example, by two months, babies should be smiling at people, briefly self-sooth, make gurgling sounds, react to sounds, pay attention to faces, follow objects with their eyes, and hold his or her head up and push up while having tummy time. The pediatricians at Columbia Pediatrics will be able to provide guidance on expected milestones. Parents who feel that their child is not developing at the right pace should make an appointment with Columbia Pediatrics for a well-child visit and developmental screening.

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