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Breastfeeding Education

Our physicians are happy to discuss the options of how to feed your newborn. Our greatest goal is to have a happy and healthy baby. Feeding options vary from family to family and we are happy to assist you in achieving your personal goal. Our lactation consultant is available to assist you with getting off to the best start in nursing your baby and help you navigate those early weeks and months if breastfeeding challenges occur. Our lactation consultant will work closely with your baby’s doctor in making sure that your baby is being fed well and growing normally. Breastfeeding techniques, management, and interventions are available through our lactation clinic and questions can be answered in person or on the phone. If a family chooses to feed pumped breast milk or formula to their baby, guidance will be available from the physician or our lactation consultant.

What assistance does Columbia Pediatrics offer for breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding Clinics are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. Whether you’re a first-time mother or an experienced mom with new questions, our breastfeeding clinic is designed with you in mind! Led by our lactation consultant, Susan Orr, these helpful sessions are held in an intimate setting with other nursing mothers such as yourself.

You will receive individualized attention with your baby as your child is weighed, your technique is assessed, and your questions are answered.  As a part of our healthcare team, Susan can also communicate directly with your pediatrician about any breastfeeding-related issues she finds concerning.  You won’t want to miss this valuable resource. Cost: $20 per visit.

Please confirm attendance by calling: 562-427-3782
Susan is happy to answer other questions by phone or email during your entire nursing relationship.

What can I expect during the lactation clinic?

As you and your baby arrive at our clinic, a short form will be filled out. Susan will weigh your baby as you discuss your individual concerns. Susan will assist you individually with proper latch and guide you through a complete and efficient feeding. Your particular questions will be answered and you will be provided with an individualized written plan to take home along with valuable handouts on getting started on your breastfeeding journey. Breastfeeding chairs, stools, and pillows are provided.

Many mothers enjoy interacting with other mothers of very young babies while other mothers are comfortable spending the clinic reading breastfeeding materials and interacting with their own baby. Moms will stay in the clinic until their feeding is complete, questions are answered, and a plan is created just for them (1 ½ -2 hours is typical). There is a comfortable waiting area for your partner or support person to wait if they wish.

Who is the lactation consultant at Columbia Pediatrics?

Susan Orr has been a certified lactation consultant since 1986. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and has worked for Columbia Pediatrics since 1990. She teaches the prenatal breastfeeding, baby care and parenting classes at LBMMC so you may have already met her in one of your prenatal classes! Susan works as a pediatric physical therapist at Torrance Memorial and is a board certified as a Pediatric Clinical Specialist in PT. Her passion is helping women and their families as they navigate the ever-changing (sometimes challenging) moments of parenthood.

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