Breastfeeding Clinic: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:00 a.m.

Whether you’re a first-time mother or an experienced mom with new questions, our breastfeeding clinic is designed with you in mind! Taught by our lactation specialist Susan Orr, these helpful sessions are held in an intimate setting with other nursing mothers such as yourself.

You will receive individualized attention with your baby as your child is weighed, your technique is assessed, and your questions are answered.  As a part of our healthcare team, Susan can also communicate directly with your pediatrician about any breastfeeding-related issues she finds concerning.  You won’t want to miss this valuable resource.

To find out more information please visit the Breastfeeding Education section.

Please confirm attendance by calling: 562-427-3782
Cost: $20 per visit.



Business Office Telephone: (562) 595-8234

We are contracted with most PPO/EPO plans and Tricare.  For our HMO members, we participate with Seaside IPA, Greater Newport Physicians and Monarch IPA.

You will receive a statement in the mail of charges for your baby’s pediatric care while in the hospital.  If you have provided insurance information to the hospital, we will be able to bill your insurance for these charges.  Be sure to add your infant to your insurance coverage within 30 days.

Copayments are due at the time of the visit.  Please bring your insurance card when you come to the office. Services for cash accounts are to be paid at the time of the visit. If you have any questions, a business office representative will gladly assist you with any questions or problems.



Please contact Maria, our Referral Coordinator, with questions on insurance authorizations.  Maria has been part of our Columbia Pediatrics family for over 30 years.  She initially worked as one of our fabulous nurses from 1984-2002 before accepting her current position.  She finds this position challenging but tremendously rewarding, and she works extremely hard to process referrals efficiently.  As an indispensable part of our team, she helps us provide excellent care for our patients.

For those patients with HMO insurance—If you need to be seen by a specialist, your doctor must submit a prior authorization to the IPA in which you participate.  Each HMO/IPA has a different list of specialists you can see.


Lab and X-Ray Locations

If you have been instructed to obtain lab studies for your child, most services can be provided by Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp.  A site locator for Quest Diagnostics can be found here.  On rare occasions when a study needs to be done after-hours or on a Sunday, your doctor will direct you to the 1st floor of Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.  When you arrive at the lab, there is an on-call phone located just outside the door for you to contact someone to assist you even if the lab is not open.

If an X-ray has been ordered by your pediatrician, the location you will go to depends on your insurer.  For our Greater Newport Physicians/MemorialCare Select patients , you can obtain your X-ray at RadNet Wave Imaging in addition to Miller Children’s Hospital.  Optum Monarch Healthcare patients can obtain their X-rays at United Medical Imaging.

Your doctor will provide you a written prescription with your order to present at your selected facility, and we will have already discussed with you how and when you will be informed of your results.  If for any reason you haven’t heard from our office by the stated time, or if you have any questions regarding your results, please call our office.

Pediatric Web Sites

(NOTE: The medical resources listed below are provided for informational use only and do not replace the direct advice of a healthcare professional. Please contact our office for specific information regarding your child’s health.)

Common Cold
Diaper Rash
Fever and Taking Your Child’s Temperature
Head Injuries
Insect Stings and Bites


American Academy of Pediatrics

Healthy Children — The AAP’s officially sponsored website with a wealth of information for parents


Centers for Disease Control

Traveler’s Health — Up-to-date information on medical recommendations prior to and during travel abroad

Vaccines & Immunizations: Basic and Common Questions — Addresses frequently asked questions regarding vaccinations


Other Helpful Links

California Poison Control

Miller Children’s Hospital

Long Beach Dept. of Health & Human Services


Recommended Reading

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5
(The American Academy of Pediatrics Manual) – Steven Shevlov & Robert Hannemann

Your Child’s Health – Barton Schmitt

Your Baby and Child from Birth to Age Five – Penelope Leach

Touch Points, The Essential Reference – T. Berry Brazelton M.D.

Child of Mine – Ellen Satter


Developmental Guidelines

Download (Well Child Care at 2 Weeks)

Download (Well Child Care at 2 Months)

Download (Well Child Care at 6 Months)

Download (Well Child Care at 9 Months)

Download (Well Child Care at 12 Months)

Download (Well Child Care at 15 Months)

Download (Well Child Care at 18 Months)

Download (Well Child Care at 2 Years)

Download (Well Child Care at 2 AND HALF Years)

Download (Well Child Care at 3 Years)

Download (Well Child Care at 4-5 Years)


Be A Healthy Role Model For Children.pdf


“10 tips for setting good examples” from


Be An Active Family.pdf


“10 tips for becoming more active as a family” from


Cut Back On Your Kid’s Sweet Treats.pdf


“10 tips to decrease added sugar” from


Car Seat Safety

CDC – Child Passenger Safety

CDC – Child Passenger Safety Infographics

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